IGS Replicator 2.5

Cross Replication between different SQL Databases

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IGS Replicator - Universal Replication

Image Replicator

IGS Replicator is a universal replication solution for interchanging data between any SQL databases.

Usable for all replication tasks among DBMS and as a clever alternative for an online backup of your live-data to any SQL database.

The easy-to-use interface and intelligent, partially automated functions makes the IGS Replicator a perfect tool for the realization of simple or complex replication jobs.
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Features IGS-Replikator 2.5

The following key features of the IGS Replicator 2.5 show the bandwith of possibilities for your replication tasks:

  • Scans databases automatically and presents you with a pre-sorted table allocation
  • Great flexibility in assignment of tables and columns
  • Analyzes the target database to consider its referential integrity during replication
  • Filtering data of each table of the source database possible
  • Supports script execution before, during and after a replication
  • Provides unattended execution of a replication on request ...
An optional 'Action Selection' screen provides fast navigation to the desired program function.

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Providing Test Data for SQL Databases

Detail TDG 2.0

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Test Data Creation on a new stage

The test data generation as part of a modern software production enters a new performance level through TDG 2.0.

The high degree of automation of TDG 2.0 relieves you of the most activities during the definition and generation of test data on request.

The functional design of the new graphical user interface of TDG 2.0 is based on the workflows during the creation of test data projects.

Its management functions support the structuring and the organization of your test data projects.
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Features Test Data Generator 2.0

Essential new features of TDG 2.0 help to make the creation of test data easier and faster, eg:

  • Analyzes your database to preserve referential integrity
  • Creates multi-purpose SQL scripts of your database, e.g. a delete script
  • Supports script execution before and after data insertion
  • Data Preview ...
The functionality of TDG 2.0 is described in detail in its comprehensive help system.

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dbExame examines and shows catalog information like catalogs, schemas, table types, names, column structures, keys, indexes, constraints of a SQL database, no matter of its manufacturer.

It shows the structure of a database as it really is, as opposed to its intended structure.

You can integrate its functionality in your own application via API calls.

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