Test Data Generator 2.0
Create Test Data Descriptions automatically
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Let TDG 2.0 work for you

The most time consuming part of creating test data is usually the creation of the test data descriptions.

To avoid talking about creating some test data completely by hand, all other commonly used methods are more or less complex in usage with more or less specific results.

TDG 2.0 now comes with a really timesaving method to you - it does the complete process of the creation of test data for the entire database completely automatically for you - within a few seconds.

This enables you to create test data in a database in the shortest time possible.

The look of the test data produced in this way are, of course, schematic.
They are generated by built-in algorithms of TDG 2.0 and therefore usually not oriented to your specific needs.
But if this fits your expectations, you are already finished with the creation of the data descriptions.

Formula processing
Some system formulas of TDG 2.0

Of course you'll have the opportunity to change the appearance of your test data for every database field you want.

If you want to be more specific with the look of certain fields, TDG 2.0 offers a rich toolset to help you expressing your intentions.

Formula processing
Manual adjustments to the behaviour of a numerical formula

You can leave the automated test data descriptions unchanged for rather unimportant fields and 'sharpen' the profile for the more important fields.

You can exclude parts of your database from the generation of test data.
Furthermore you can vary the number of test data to be produced for each table.
In this way you can take into account the peculiarities of key tables, for example.