Test Data Generator 2.0
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See what you get

If you want to have a certain appearance of your test data, it will be very helpful to see the result of the test data descriptions before they get written into the database.

Otherwise the repeating process of writing, watching, deleting your test data will soon get very boring and tedious.

This mask enables you to optimize your test data definitions in a very efficient and time-saving way through cyclic visualizing of your test data definitions in its current state.

Formula processing
Test Data Preview of TDG 2.0

Another advantage of this mask is: You don't need a database connection to invoke the preview!

Because TDG 2.0 already has collected all the necessary information from the database while creating the collection, to preview the test data in accordance to the database model.

If you decide to create, for example, 10,000 data sets, it is not advisable to show them all in the preview mask. Therefore, the number of records shown in the preview is limited to a few, in order to have a good overview of all database tables.

In the preview, only the database tables with existing test data definitions are shown. Tables without definitions are not displayed. Also, not the tables that you have excluded from creating.

This number is adjustable so if you want to display all sets, you can ...!